Thursday, October 28, 2010

It is Appropriate Master Development Innovative Learning

In fact the teacher or the who Teachers teach but now many do not do the learning Pls note the teacher competence Also only as educators but as well as educators develop innovative learning.
Our education has not been Encouraging in portions so there must be a professional briefing on the competence to learn their way of learning is reinforced by the opinion. While learning is a process That pro-change educators and Interaction Between Learners Who Are Able to cultivate imagination, creativity, innovation, logic, Curiosity and experimenting to find the possibility of New Things That Are not late on the tradition of teaching more Important memories.
Innovative learning is not completed

"Teachers are people Who have imitated, this expression implies
what the teacher is a role model
for students"

with the Teachers, but his That Should Be developed so the students are Able to graduate Their potential intellectually, Emotionally, spiritually, his aesthetic and kinesthetic.
Further description of the principles and learning strategies Innovative cans be started from the introduction, the internal-zation and application of values and peeling of human intelligence, intellectually, Emotionally, spiritually and physically.
With an innovative learning students are expected to develop interest in learning the maximum, the atmosphere is not stiff, online to ask, dare to express an opinion, in the free atmosphere but cans be accounted for. If you experience "Things That are wrong, as pasilitator Teachers Straighten cans.


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