Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oxygen Plant Trees

Within a tree, there is a factory that soooo big! The factory was producing something very important! Whoops, what tuh? Wood? Leaves? Fruit? that's not all pretty, but also .... OXYGEN!!
Why is it, the tree is called oxygen plant? Therefore, the trees have chlorophyll. you know, what is chlorophyll? That tuh, leaf chlorophyll! Almost all plants have this substance. In the afternoon, chlorophyll inside the leaves to absorb sunlight. Sunlight is then diolahatau cooked into food. The process is called photosynthesis. Well, when photosynthetic then, trees produce oxygen.
Oxygen generated tree will then be inhaled by humans and animals. Trees are credited with donating oxygen free for us. Calculated and think about it, deh: 1 tree produces 1.2 kg of oxygen per day. 1 person needs 0.5 oxygen per day. That means, a tree is useful for breathing 2 people per day. Hmm, so cutting down a tree is tantamount to eliminating the source of oxygen for 2 people. Imagine if all the trees cut down .. how the fate of us all?
The tree can filter out dust and absorb toxins in the air. Poison such as carbon dioxide (CO2) which is produced by the motor vehicle fumes. Imagine this! 1 acre of forest (an area nearly a football field) can absorb carbon dioxide from cars traveled as far as 41.843km. arguably, the forest is like a vacuum cleaner that will absorb toxins and air pollution on earth. 1 hectare of trees can reduce the 5-80celcius. Same with the ability 5AC are lit 20 hours continuously. Well my great ........!!!
Not only besra tree that can produce a lot of oxygen. There was a small tree that produces large amounts of oxygen. For example, sea grass, algae-warming, grass, and bamboo.
What are the benefits of other tree? Much more! Trees can absorb rain water so that during the dry season we are not drought. Pohin can bind the soil, preventing erosion or landslides. Anyway Maih many more benefits ...
Therefore, it was time to kit abalas good tree. How, dear trees by protecting its sustainability


Anonymous said...

Trees are our earliest neighbours and best friends. In true sense trees are our real neighbour, Trees are of tremendous value to us. They give us oxygen & without this oxygen we cannot imagine the existence of Lively Earth or life. Trees are an important part of the Biosphere that exists on earth.click here.

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