Monday, September 27, 2010

"Baby Boom" It's Time Bomb

Productive age population explosion will bring many problems. Employment issue would become a problem and can happen baby boom of the second stage if the family planning program fail.

At the seminar organized by the Indonesian Coalition for Population and Development in the Office of Social Ministry statement quoted Chairman JakartaKompas Demographic Institute Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia Sonny Harry who stated that "the explosion of productive age population that must be observed. Besides being in the working age, they also are at childbearing age in which, if not family planning, total
Birth rate will increase. Touched on the theme of the seminar "Population Explosion: Suicide Bombings?", Minister of Social Affairs (Social Affairs) responded in an effort to get the attention of all circles. "The theme is packed hyperbolic, the concept is rather terrible. But, if we do not look serious about this population explosion, we have to face many problems, "said Social Affairs. Moreover, the current quality of the Indonesian population generally remains low, tercemin of their educational level where almost two thirds below the junior high school-educated population. children. All of that leads to high population growth which will lead to an explosion in the population with all its consequences. Chairman of the Indonesian Coalition for Population and Development Indra Abidin said the low quality of human beings will lead to many losses. Short-term economic losses include low productivity, loss of productive time, rising employee costs. And low capacity utilization of the company. The long-term economic losses are still low-quality labor, migrant labor is only a rough (low educated), slow economic growth, and competitiveness in global markets lower. 2.6 million births per year in Indonesia have been alarming. Especially now increasingly productive age population or labor force that is not absorbed the labor market. "When unemployment arises in a society, that means the allocation of resources and national production is relatively less than optimal. Therefore, the provision of employment is one of Indonesia's development priorities as a way to expand distribution of development and its results for the people to live decent. Although employment on the agenda of each regime, this problem remains urgent because the unemployment rate is high and unemployment become the main source of mass poverty and material poverty of moral poverty.


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