Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why We It must Conserve Water?

Do you know how much water we fighting with 6 billion people in the world? Of the total water that exists on our planet is only 2.5% of available freshwater. While the rest is sea water. 2.5% of fresh water that can not be utilized fully because 70% of his form in the polar ice and glaciers. Then the rest that we can use for everyday purposes, the form of ground water, lakes and rivers. The struggle we are fighting water compounded by lack of clean water that was engulfing the world. That is, a little water that was not fully we can use.

Global Warming
Global warming caused by greenhouse effect. Greenhouse is a glass-walled house roofed and used for agriculture, deliberately created to capture and store solar heat in the room, so warm to grow the seed crop. The term greenhouse effect is used to describe the heat trapped in our atmosphere.

The heat trapped in the atmosphere is caused by the increasing volume of greenhouse gases. Examples include greenhouse gases: CO2 (carbon dioxide), CH4 (methane), N2O (dinitrogen monoxide), SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride), CFC (klorofluokarbon). Greenhouse gases are the result of industrial management, fumes, animal husbandry, cooling equipment, forest conversion, and other activities. The nature of these gases is to be penetrated by sunlight, but held it so that the earth could not take the heat back.

Indeed we have been awarded the rain cycle is balanced. In Indonesia, first, we can ensure the dry season of 6 months and 6 months of the rainy season. But today, global warming causes the uncertainty of rainfall. The dry season is getting longer and the short rainy season. It is estimated that in 1 second, 16 million tons of water evaporates from the earth and is the same number with the fall of rain to the earth in 1 second. Imagine that in an increasingly long dry season, how much water is evaporated until the rainy season? And conversely, in the rainy season, how much discharge water that falls to earth in a short time? As a result, the long dry season, we will be hit by drought and during the rainy, flood ready to hit.

Not all of the falling water soak into the soil. Some flows into rivers, lakes and oceans. Ideally, the rain water that seeped into the soil stored with the help of the roots of plants. But did you know? Approximately 170 thousand hectares of forest in Indonesia can no longer function properly. Deforestation in Indonesia within the last 10 years an estimated 1.2 million hectares per year. We can imagine the consequences. From so much rain water discharge tercurahkan to earth in a short time, it was not all can put in the bags of water, so that there is rain water that falls in vain because we are destroying nature.

Conserve water
Most of us who do not rely on ground water for the necessities of life may not feel the difficulty of getting clean water today. In addition we should feel the need to tolerate the share of clean water a little of this, remember that the world population growth occurs in explorative, while the amount of water on earth is steadily decreasing. Indeed, water is a natural resource that can be renewed, but we must be wise in its management.

Several technologies have been developed in order to save water. In America now there is technology Hydro Engineering Instant Car Wash System. As the name suggests, this technology is used to wash the car. Not only can make cars so clean, but also can save water, because water that has been used to wash the car is used again to wash other cars. Then, there are also gardening technology called Ecotech Garden (EGA). EGA is an alternative to the management of sewage contaminated by water used by utilizing the biological processes of certain aquatic plants.
The trick is to divert sewage contaminated water that used to park. Spent water contains nutrients that can fertilize plants, while other elements, such as detergents can be reduced because absorbed by plant roots.

In a household scale, there are steps we can do to conserve water, among others:
1. Efficient use of water. No waste water when we wash clothes, dishes, brushing your teeth or while bathing.
2. Absorb rainwater. Can we accommodate the rain water in containers of water, both directly and through the gutter. Can we use rainwater for washing and watering the plants.
3. Minimize use of water outside the chamber. Choose plants that do not require much water and can survive during drought.
4. Piped water. The use of piped water is actually more efficient and environmentally friendly, because the source of piped water is surface water. The use of ground water is continuously (massive) can result in soil, so the soil a chance to disappear and can endanger the buildings on it.


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