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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to easy Multiply by twenty-five numbers

to get results quickly and correctly in the multiplication operation in this regard with the number twenty-five are as follows.
Numbers are multiplied by twenty-five, the first step: the number by 4 and the results we multiply by 100 and if there is remaining, the rest of us to multiply by 25 and the end result is the result of multiplying the total the second.
1. 8 x 25 =
numbers 8 divided by 4 the result is 2, and the number 2 we multiply the 100 then the result is 200. So the result of 8 x 25 = 200.

2. 15 x 25 =
numbers 15 we divide by 4 to get the three remaining 3. Numbers 3, we multiply 100 and number 3, we multiply 25, the result of multiplication that we sum up the number. Then 3 x 100 + 3 x 25 = 300 x 75 = 75. So the result of 15 x 25 = 350.

3. 78 x 25 =
numbers 78 divided by 4 to get the 19 remaining 2. Numbers 19 x 100 and 2 x 25, then gained 1900 + 50 = 1950.

Multiply by number eleven

To get quick results in the operator of a particular number multiplication operation with the number eleven is as follows. Numbers are multiplied we sum up the number and outcome of the sum of the numbers we put down between the multiplied by the number eleven.


1. 12 x 11 =How: add the numbers 1 and 2, where the result is 3. Numbers 3 put between 1 and 2, then it can be the result 132. So the results of the 12 x 11 = 132.

2. 29 x 11 =How:Add up the numbers 2 and 9, where the result is 11. Numbers one behind is placed between 2 and 9, number 1 in front added to the number 2 is to 3. So the results of the 29 x 11 = 319.

3. 48 x 11 =How:Add up the numbers 4 and 8, where the result is 12. Numbers 2 of twelve placed between 4 and 8 and the number 1 added to the number 4 in which the number to 5. Thus, the results dar 48 x 11 = 528.

good easy

White teeth clean

Have you ever counted how many times you smile in a day? This amount is more than brushing your teeth. Beautiful smile of course comes with a healthy tooth. For white teeth and healthy, consider the following tips first.
Basically, the color of our teeth are really white. But with so many food substances passing through the teeth by the age factor, so that the color white teeth and can not survive forever. That's what we should watch.
If you have a problem with the appearance of your teeth, do not worry because now there are many ways to treat and overcome them. We consider the joint.

1. Take care before already be damaged.
Use a straw if you drink coffee, tea, sodas and red wine. Thus, do not drink directly on the teeth. These drinks are usually the cause of tooth decay is very strong.

2. Expand to consume foods that act as a natural tooth whitener. Examples of fruit and vegetables. Natural materials are quite effective for cleaning teeth including: apples, carrots and celery.

3. Strawberry is a fruit that is very special tooth whitening.
It's easy. Mash strawberries and stick it on all your teeth by using finger. Let stand for one to two minutes. After that Brush teeth thoroughly until clean.

4. Some substances may stick in your teeth with ease.
Therefore you have to prevent stain teeth or plaque formation. Use broccoli, lettuce or spinach to prevent it. Vegetables that proved very effective to prevent stains teeth affairs.

5. Use toothpaste that acts as a bleach.
Usually this kind of toothpaste models sold in the market. But of course it took quite a long and very intensive treatment to get maximum results. Now most of toothpaste have been using enzymes and chemical formulas, so you need not hesitate to consume berpemutih toothpaste.

6. How easy and simple
To treat the permanent teeth are white teeth brushing three times a day and after each meal. But be careful in brushing teeth. Do not be too hard because it can actually make the tooth abrasion and damage. More good use an electric toothbrush and set a time to brush your teeth for two minutes.

7. The easiest and fastest but more costly is by bleaching or whitening.
Models of this kind of dental treatment available at many dental clinics and beauty clinic. Such treatments can last for two to three years. But still, after the bleaching, you should keep food and beverages consumed.
Want to have white teeth and healthy and also right? Wait let alone. Beautiful smile you have waiting.

It is Appropriate Master Development Innovative Learning

In fact the teacher or the who Teachers teach but now many do not do the learning Pls note the teacher competence Also only as educators but as well as educators develop innovative learning.
Our education has not been Encouraging in portions so there must be a professional briefing on the competence to learn their way of learning is reinforced by the opinion. While learning is a process That pro-change educators and Interaction Between Learners Who Are Able to cultivate imagination, creativity, innovation, logic, Curiosity and experimenting to find the possibility of New Things That Are not late on the tradition of teaching more Important memories.
Innovative learning is not completed

"Teachers are people Who have imitated, this expression implies
what the teacher is a role model
for students"

with the Teachers, but his That Should Be developed so the students are Able to graduate Their potential intellectually, Emotionally, spiritually, his aesthetic and kinesthetic.
Further description of the principles and learning strategies Innovative cans be started from the introduction, the internal-zation and application of values and peeling of human intelligence, intellectually, Emotionally, spiritually and physically.
With an innovative learning students are expected to develop interest in learning the maximum, the atmosphere is not stiff, online to ask, dare to express an opinion, in the free atmosphere but cans be accounted for. If you experience "Things That are wrong, as pasilitator Teachers Straighten cans.

Appreciate Hard work and creativity of The Teacher at your school

During this education implementation
more dominated by the paradigm of bureaucracy that result in the institution and its environment lack empowerment in realizing its performance. Everything is arranged in a rigid, centralized and bureaucratic, so that the performance of the educational unit stuck with all the bureaucratic administrative rules. The statement implies the need to rearrange the bureaucratic paradigm in education, especially in the path of schooling and more balanced empowerment opportunities to educational institutions with all the tools and environment.
All educational institutions and personnel should be given the opportunity to develop professionalism, creativity and realize innovative ideas without having to stare at all the rigid bureaucratic rules. Of course rules are made permanent government needed to maintain national standards, but not too detailed so that was into it.
In order to improve and enhance the quality of education, a variety of innovative programs implemented. However, there are three main innovative program that became the main emphasis, such as BBE approach (Broad Base Education), life skills-oriented education (life skills), change of curricula (SBC). Broad Base Education as a paradigm implies the implementation of wide-oriented education as a vehicle to provide experience in the learning process in a broad sense. While the concept suggested life skill-oriented education for education provision to be able to give meaningful life for all learners. Both these innovative programs supported by four pillars of UNESCO by the Commission on Education for the Twenty-First Century, namely: 1) learning to know that also means learning to learn, to learn to acquire knowledge and to undertake further learning, 2) learning to do , to learn to have a basic competence in dealing with situations and team work is different, 3) learning to be, to learn to actualize themselves as individuals by having scales and personal responsibility, 4) learning to live together, to learn to be able to appreciate and practice the conditions of interdependence, diversity and mutual understanding. Thus the output process is a whole-person education with balanced excellence in aspects of spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical.
The third innovative program that became the foundation of the education system is the curriculum. The curriculum is applied at this time Education Unit Level Curriculum (SBC). SBC basic framework is as a format set syllabus done autonomously, competencies and learning outcomes to be achieved in all levels of learners, teaching and learning activities that ensure the experience of learners to achieve direct experience and acquire processes, products, competencies and values expected as well as evaluating a more authentic, accurate and sustainable. With SBC, teachers are required to demonstrate professionalism by preparing lesson plans that can be explored and developed. Duty teachers are not fed, and shedding, but as a motivator, mediator, and facilitator of education. On a more effective teacher can position the learner, such as; accept me, understand me and talk with me. Accept me, understand me, and talk to me, is a pretty good approach, to fishing activity learners actively construct their own knowledge.
Learning approach that can be done is the approach of constructivism, science and technology, and approaches inquiri. With these three approaches are students able to find the concept, appreciate and practice for the pious to God the Almighty, curiosity, tolerance, open mind, confidence, compassion, caring, togetherness, kinship and friendship. This will lead to a unique friendship between teachers and learners. Teachers become the place to ask, friend and devoted discussion of ideas, without fear and awkward.
Indirectly, the curriculum suggests that it takes not only a teacher, but also a Begawan. Educators are good-hearted and willing to sacrifice his life to education. Can the teachers in our country reached such a stage? Can teachers work iklas and attentive as he should think of loans receivable to the Bank? Can teachers make learning fun and friendly while they were overwhelmed by confusion and rushing to meet their needs? Reality on the ground shows the bitter realities. Not anymore time teacher was given the title Hero Without a Signs Services but more is needed is a decent and humane award!
Professionalism and creativity of teachers is not only seen from the ability of teachers in developing learning well. But also the feasibility and appropriateness of the salary given. When the needs and welfare are met, there will be no teacher who truant to drudge work out for a bite of rice. Give the rights and respect that is deserved! Then the teacher will give the best thing for students. The frendly willingness and indeed necessary in the profession of a teacher, but more is needed again the ability to understand and give meaning to the profession!

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