Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oxygen Plant Trees

Within a tree, there is a factory that soooo big! The factory was producing something very important! Whoops, what tuh? Wood? Leaves? Fruit? that's not all pretty, but also .... OXYGEN!!
Why is it, the tree is called oxygen plant? Therefore, the trees have chlorophyll. you know, what is chlorophyll? That tuh, leaf chlorophyll! Almost all plants have this substance. In the afternoon, chlorophyll inside the leaves to absorb sunlight. Sunlight is then diolahatau cooked into food. The process is called photosynthesis. Well, when photosynthetic then, trees produce oxygen.
Oxygen generated tree will then be inhaled by humans and animals. Trees are credited with donating oxygen free for us. Calculated and think about it, deh: 1 tree produces 1.2 kg of oxygen per day. 1 person needs 0.5 oxygen per day. That means, a tree is useful for breathing 2 people per day. Hmm, so cutting down a tree is tantamount to eliminating the source of oxygen for 2 people. Imagine if all the trees cut down .. how the fate of us all?
The tree can filter out dust and absorb toxins in the air. Poison such as carbon dioxide (CO2) which is produced by the motor vehicle fumes. Imagine this! 1 acre of forest (an area nearly a football field) can absorb carbon dioxide from cars traveled as far as 41.843km. arguably, the forest is like a vacuum cleaner that will absorb toxins and air pollution on earth. 1 hectare of trees can reduce the 5-80celcius. Same with the ability 5AC are lit 20 hours continuously. Well my great ........!!!
Not only besra tree that can produce a lot of oxygen. There was a small tree that produces large amounts of oxygen. For example, sea grass, algae-warming, grass, and bamboo.
What are the benefits of other tree? Much more! Trees can absorb rain water so that during the dry season we are not drought. Pohin can bind the soil, preventing erosion or landslides. Anyway Maih many more benefits ...
Therefore, it was time to kit abalas good tree. How, dear trees by protecting its sustainability

Alternatively, saving resources

Friend all surely know, the energy we use in everyday life certainly becoming more and more reduced, may experience shortages may even run out without rest. Examples of electrical energy. If the user is not saved or replaced by using alternative energy from now, what you want someday our world into darkness because there was no electricity? Sure you want to do .... ga Well, to prevent it, firstly it is needed awareness of our own self. Next, we need to consider alternate energy from this very moment.Some examples of alternative energy sources that have been used in the world to become electrical energy, among others:1. THE SUNDid you know? Our country is located in the vicinity of the equator and tropical climate is perfect to use alternative energy sun. If you belong to upper class families, it is better you try to use a roof made of solar system, known as photovoltaic cells. The price is not cheap, to the roof with a standard size to reach USD 200 million. But with this roof system, certainly very can reduce electric bills, let alone with a system like the current bills. So that your family can save electricity bill later.2. WINDWind energy is already quite widely used by humans. Kinetic wind power is used as a wind player using wind turbines for both at home and for business purposes. One turbine can feed electricity to 30 houses you know .. Pretty much it .. Currently in Indonesia, alternative energy wind is still under development and experiment. Wind energy is converted into electrical energy by such a converter, which is planned to be installed in every home residents to accommodate the energy gain from the wind. Electrical energy is produced and then sold to the local PLN. So that the people would not spend the cost of buying electricity but instead to get additional revenue by selling energy gain in their homes - each. Very helpful right?3. NUCLEARWith uranium fuel, metals found in rocks and processed in a nuclear reactor produces heat energy which will be used as an ingredient to turn turbines that exist. These energy sources do not release greenhouse gas emissions. 20% of electrical energy sources in the United States has used nuclear energy.

GOOD and healthy apple

My friends already know it .. apple! But what my friends know the benefits of this apple? If not let's find out!
Apple (Pyrus Malus) is a fruit that is common in the community, this fruit can be found in every region. Actually, this fruit has several purposes such as to treat diabetes, diabetes mellitus, and diarrhea.
For diarrhea treatment plant part used is the fruit not quite ripe to eat as usual, while for diabetes treatment plant part used is the seeds of apples and apple seeds to drink boiled water. Apples contain several types of substances such as pectin compound, Calorie, carbohydrate, Fat, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, and water.
Well, now my friends already know the usefulness of the apple! Apparently apple tidaka only good but also has some lucrative benefits

Beautiful and Healthy Sunflower

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a unique flower that always faces towards the sun, these flowers are usually used as an ornamental plant, in addition to beautiful flowers turns out it also has some benefits to cure some disease you know! Friends do not know which diseases can be cured by this flower? Otherwise, go ahead we see!
Sunflower can be used to cure some diseases such as hypertension, headache, toothache and others. This flower contains many useful substances such as Quercimeritin, helianthoside A, B, C, oleanolic acid and many more. All parts of this flower can be used as drugs.
Sunflower can be used to lower blood pressure and reduce pain (analgesic).
Sunflower seeds are useful for stimulating spending body fluids (hormones, enzymes, etc.), stimulate spending measles (measles).
The leaves are used as anti-inflammation, pain and issued anti-malaria.
The roots are used as anti-inflammatory, laxative urine, a cough suppressant and pain relief
Well, now my friends already know. It turned out that these flowers are not only beautiful but also has many benefits

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